Below, you will find the answers to the most common questions about our services and what to expect.  If you do not find your question below, please feel free to call (803) 808-1800 and speak to one of our office assistants.

Frequently Asked Questions


 When would I call Crossroads for counseling?
A: A person calls Crossroads when they need treatment to soothe emotional pain caused by depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress, grief and loss, ADHD, and anger/rage, etc.  ■  few examples for seeking counseling are marital/family problems, child and adolescent behavioral problems, divorce recovery, death/grief, physical, emotional and sexual abuse and job stressors, mental and physical illnesses/disabilities as in depression, anxiety, PTSD.  ■  Response to a referral for assessment, diagnosis and treatment by their physician, pastor or caring family and friends.  (back to top)


Q: Who can come for counseling?
A: People of all ages, race, gender, spiritual orientation, ethnicity. Persons who do not speak English would need to bring an interpreter or can be referred to another accommodating counseling center. A licensed counselor is required to be skillfully trained in treatment modalities. If the counselor does not possess this training for the presenting issue, the counselor will assist the client in finding the appropriate counselor.  ■  Crossroads is a veteran-family-owned and operated counseling center. Active, Reserve, National Guard, and Retired military are especially a priority for Crossroads.  (back to top)


Q: How do I get started with counseling at Crossroads?
A: You may call (803)-808-1800 ext. 221 or go to our Contact Us page on this site.  You will speak to the Billing Coordinator, who will get your registration information by asking you a few questions:

  • Briefly explain the reason you are seeking counseling
  • Would you prefer a male or female conselor?
  • Crossroads has various payment options.  Will you be using your insurance plan; and have you checked to make sure your plan covers mental health?

You will be asked for your insurance information in order to get your authorization.  As part of our client care, Crossroads will bill and coordinate your mental health insurance information.  Please be ready to give your name (as it appears on your insurance card), birth date, Social Security number, address, and best phone number to reach you.   (back to top)



Q: What can I expect at my first visit and thereafter?
A: You first visit is for 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes will be completing and signing your initial forms, but mostly you will be completing the clinical assessments giving the counselor clinical information needed to begin your treatment. You will then spend 50-60 minutes with the counselor. All appointment are made at the top of the hour.    The focus of the first session will be to identify the problems causing the most emotional pain and discord in your life.    The counselors at Crossroads will schedule 50-60 minutes with clients on a regular basis. Most commonly, sessions take place once a week. Treatment plans are established with the first three sessions giving the client opportunity to establish goals and objectives.    Your counselor will expect that you will reschedule for you next appointment before leaving the current session. Continuity of treatment in the first sessions will enhance your success in reducing or eliminating the problem issues.    The counselors see individuals, couples, and families and have training specialized training to deal with complex issues.  (back to top)


Q: What is Crossroads' policy regarding canceling appointments?

A: All cancellations have to be made 24 hours prior to the appointment time. You can leave a voicemail 24 hours-a-day/7 days-a-week. As part of client care, a reminder call is made on the day before the appointment. You may cancel or change your appointment at that time. The charge for a late cancellation or a no-show is the full session fee. Insurance will not pay for late cancellations or no-shows. Clients will be held responsible to pay this fee.  (back to top)


Q: What if I cannot pay the full amount?
A: If you are not covered by insurance or choose not to use your insurance and/or have a limited income, you may request to complete our reduced fee application.  Proof of household income and number in family must be submitted with the application. Your application will be reviewed for eligibility. Each counselor contributes time and work to help those in need of counseling. There are counselors who are licensed, but in their “residency” will see clients at reduced fees.  (back to top)


Q: What if I have a crisis after hours and need to talk to a counselor?
A: Crossroads has an after-hours (7:00pm to 8:00am on weekdays and Saturday and Sunday) cell phone 803-381-2221. Your emergency may also require you to call 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Department.  (back to top)


Q:  What are the fees? do you accept insurance?
A: Our fees are consistent with the moderate rates in the greater Columbia area. Our office staff is skilled with coverage on most insurance policies and Employee Assistance programs. All deductibles and co-pays are the responsibility of the client and are due at the time of service.    Reports, affidavits, disability forms, letters, etc are charged per hour (s) preparation at a full session fee.  Payment is due at the time of receipt of documentation.    Crossroads accepts most insurances and Employee Assistance Programs.    Payment is due at the time of service. You may choose to pay by cash, check, or credit card.  (back to top)