Adult, Adolescent,
and Child Specialties

The counselors at Crossroads believe that each individual has the potential to live a fulfilling life, free from chronic and painful feelings such as depression or anxiety, and free from behaviors that interfere with relationships or success. We know how difficult it can be to overcome painful experiences that occurred in our past, or that are occurring currently. We also know the multiple challenges present today for children and adolescents (and their parents who want to see them grow into successful and responsible adults!)

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With several counselors on our staff, we offer specialized services for numerous difficulties experienced by adults, adolescents, and children. As we join you as a team, we will work hard to address every important area of your life in order to bring about, not just temporary relief, but lifelong change.

 Christian Counseling 

Counseling From A Christian Perspective

The Center's purpose is to supply professional and affordable Christian counseling to the surrounding area. We believe that ultimate life and healing come through a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ that overflows into good relationships with other people. Our counselors are committed to helping others reach these goals using sound counseling principles. Every one of our counselors at Crossroads is a committed Christian integrating his or her faith and offering solutions and insights from a solid Biblical perspective. With this in mind they are also careful to compassionately come alongside each person and respect where they are currently in their spiritual journey.

All of the counselors at Crossroads are Christians who share certain basic beliefs. At the time of the initial visit, individuals or families are given a chance to identify whether or not they wish for spiritual issues to be a part of their counseling experience. As the counseling process begins, we aim to be sensitive to each person's spiritual concerns and experiences. Our counselors are equipped to include sound Biblical and spiritual principles in the counseling relationship. We believe that God desires that each person know the freedom and joy that comes from relating to God and others in a healthy way, and from realizing the truth of who they are as one created and loved by God.